PromoBASIC™ is a cost-effective, turnkey option to launch your online sweepstakes, contest or promotion. When you choose PromoBASIC™ you can get back to business faster.

PromoBASIC™ promotions are a great way to grow your customer list and learn about your customers. Whether you want to grow your email database, learn what prizes resonate with your participants or gather UCG with a hashtag sweepstakes, PromoBASIC™ can help.

PromoBASIC™ Features to Ensure a Successful Promotion

PromoBASIC™ comes with the features you need to run a successful contest, simple sweepstakes or hashtag sweepstakes.

PromoBasic™ Full Features List

PromoBASIC™ Options Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Images, prizes, copy, logo, form fields and opt in check boxes are all customizable

Simple Sweepstakes

Basic Sweepstakes

Eight layout choices to customize your promotion

Customizable required fields

Run a Photo Contest

Photo Contest

Incentivize your audience to provide user-generated content

Photo upload, photo gallery and hashtag integration

Pick Your Prize Sweepstakes

Pick Your Prize Giveaway

Entice your audience by letting them choose their prize

Vote To Enter Sweepstakes

Vote to Enter Giveaway

Poll your audience on any topic for a chance to win

Personality Quizzes

Personality Quiz

Engage (and get to know) your audience

Multi-Day Giveaway

Prize a Day Giveaway

Encourage repeat visits by offering a different prize each day

Hashtag Sweepstakes

Hashtag Sweepstakes & Contests

Offered with and without a photo gallery

Leverage the power of social media and social sharing when running your hashtag sweepstakes

PromoBASIC™ Full Features List:

 Promotion Types


Sweepstakes & Giveaways
UGC Contests
Hashtag Promotions
Hashtag Promotions + Photo Gallery
Instagram Promotions
Twitter Promotions
Pick Your Prize Sweepstakes
Vote to Enter Sweepstakes
Personality Quiz Sweepstakes
Prize-a-Day Sweepstakes
Win Your Wishlist Sweepstakes
Fast & Limited Giveaways
Instant-Win Sweepstakes

 Available Features


Design Options Layout Options Available
Unlimited Entries, Views & Opt-Ins
Dedicated Account Manager
White Labeled
Custom Domain
Mobile Responsive
Stand-Alone Site
Embeddable iFrame
Social Sharing
Refer-A-Friend Emails
Entry Confirmation Email
Photo Upload
CRM Data Transfers, Limited

Upload Photo/Video from Instagram
UCG Moderation/Screening Tool
Public Voting
Pop-up Entry Site
Call to Action Links (i.e. Coupon)

Analytics & Reporting


Google Analytics
Entry Stats & Reporting  Weekly
Data Exports

IT & Security


Disaster Recovery
Vulnerability Audits
Data Access Control
Secure Data Centers
Fraud Prevention Features
$10,000,000 Cyber Liability Insurance


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