Any brand can have passive followers on their social media channels. What you want are fans who will take action. You want to see your likes, impressions and engagement reach new heights. That’s where we come in. We specialize in helping our clients reach their social media goals on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

What Sets Us Apart

We are experts in each social media channel’s guidelines and policies, so you don’t have to be. We even have a hashtag aggregator tool, which allows us to collect sweepstakes and contest entries containing specific hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.

6 Valuable Brand Perks When You Launch Or Run a Hashtag Sweepstakes

6 reasons to run a hashtag sweepstakes

1. They are easy to run, which saves you time and resources.
2. They go viral by nature, which means more people see your brand.
3. They can be less expensive than traditional online promotions, so you free up your budget.
4. They don’t require a lot of lead time, which means you get your message out faster.
5. They are one of the best ways to provide incentives for engaging with your brand.
6. They give you user-generated content for future marketing opportunities.

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Instagram & Twitter

Gain Followers When You Run a Hashtag Sweepstakes on Twitter & Instagram

Twitter and Instagram both allow you to require people to follow you in order to enter a hashtag sweepstakes. This is a great way for you to gain more followers. You can then obtain user-generated content by asking your followers to post a video or photo interacting with your brand using a specific hashtag for a chance to win a prize. We will also ensure you follow their specific guidelines and policies as well as the applicable laws and regulations for your contest or sweepstakes.


Increase Post Interaction When You Run a Facebook Sweepstakes

Facebook is all about engagement, and one effective way to increase the interaction with a post is to run or launch a Facebook Sweepstakes. Simply encourage participants to comment on one of your posts and they will be entered for a chance to win a prize. This makes it easy for them to participate and can also give you key insights on how customers are engaging with your products, services or brand.


Run a Pinterest Contest or Sweepstakes To Incentivize Engagement

We can help you increase engagement with your customers on Pinterest through promotions that offer incentives. We also understand Pinterest’s Acceptable Use Policy and can guide you through this process.

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