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If you want to increase your brand engagement, you need a promotion that excites, surprises and delights your audience. It all starts with a promotion that will connect with your customers and prospects, and you need a partner with experience and a proven track record of success. For more than 30 years, we’ve been the driving force behind 6,500 multi-channel sweepstakes promotions. Our team of experts are ready to help you with promotions strategy, legal consulting and expertise, sweepstakes management, insurance and indemnification, prize fulfillment services, custom development and coding, and even analytics and dashboards.

Promotions, Sweepstakes & Contests

How We Can Help Boost Your Brand Engagement with Promotions

No matter your objective or goal for your promotion, we have the expertise to help you achieve it. We specialize in sweepstakes, contests, social media promotions, instant-win games and so much more. We’ll start with a kick-off call to learn more about your brand goals and then recommend the best execution strategy for you.

Online & Offline Promotions

Online Sweepstakes and Contests
We can help you develop and execute engaging sweepstakes and contests that can increase brand engagement, drive sales and visits, acquire new contacts and emails, and obtain more user-generated content. Whatever your goals are, we can help.
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Social Media PromotionsSocial Media Promotions (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram)

Social media promotions are one of the best ways to increase brand awareness, loyalty and conversion rates. They can also help you earn you more likes, comments and shares on social media. We can help you navigate each social media channel’s specific promotional guidelines and policies and also create a dynamic and engaging promotion. Whether you want to run a hashtag sweepstakes or contest for Instagram or Twitter or need help with Facebook contest rules, we make this process simple for you.
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Instant Win Games

Instant-Win Games
Instant-win games offer today’s consumers instant gratification that excites them and encourages them to share your promotion with family and friends. We can help you leverage this power and increase your number of entries, traffic and repeat engagement with a well-designed instant-win game that gets the word out about your brand.
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Interactive Games

Interactive Games
Smartphones and social media have transformed the way we live, work and even play. Imagine your customers and prospects interacting with your brand longer than ever before. That’s the kind of power interactive games can bring to your brand. Whether it’s a simple trivia game or a custom-designed experience, we can help your audience engage with your brand in new and exciting ways.
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User Generated Content

User-Generated Content / UGC
Want more photos, stories and videos of your happy customers engaging with your brand on social media? We can help you gain more user-generated content by offering a prize for entering a sweepstakes or contest. This is a powerful way to build an online community, drive lead generation and increase web traffic. We’ve partnered with many clients to create everything from user-generated hashtag sweepstakes to an Instagram photography contest

Text & SMS Promotions

Text & SMS Promotions
Text & SMS promotions provide your customers the most direct and immediate entries to your promotions, especially at the point of sale. We can help you navigate this powerful channel and guide you through the legal process of your running your promotion.
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Gift with Purchase Promotions

Gift with Purchase Promotions
Drives sales, retain customers and increase brand awareness by offering a gift with purchase promotion. We handle every aspect needed to flawlessly execute your promotion whether it’s receipt validation or code-based claims processing.

Ratings & Reviews Promotions

Ratings & Reviews Promotions
You have the functionality on your e-commerce site for customers to rate and review your products. Why not incentivize them to do so? As your trusted partner, we’ll ensure your sweepstakes laws are legally compliant and follow FTC endorsement guidelines.

B2B and B2E Promotions

B2B & B2E Promotions
We also specialize in legally compliant B2B promotions that incentivize your audience to buy more products or increase minimum spends by entering a sweepstakes or contest. And if you’re looking for a way to increase employee engagement or reward your sales staff, ask about our expertise in B2E promotions. We are specialists when it comes to this!


Promotions & Programs

Loyalty & Rewards Program
We can help support or enhance your new or existing loyalty and rewards program to retain your customers. From sweepstakes entries that use customer points to prize fulfillment services, see how we can help increase your customer retention with our loyalty and rewards program enhancements.
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In-Store & Event Promotions
These promotions are effective ways to increase store traffic and product purchases and encourage experiences at events, such as driving ticket purchases and activiations. Whether simple or complex, we can help you design in-store and event promotions that meet your goals.

Customer Survey Sweepstakes
Customer insights are crucial when developing strategies that will ultimately grow your brand. But who has time to manage all of the fulfillment, administration and legal compliance? We do. From sweepstakes rules to tax reporting and prize fulfillment, our experts can help you incentivize customers with a survey sweepstakes.
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There’s no better way to ensure your customers a positive post-shopping experience than with a rebate offering. It serves as another touchpoint to keep your brand top of mind. Let us help you with your next rebate promotion.

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