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Sweepstakes winners are NOT required to pay before receiving their prize. If you received a phone call or have been mailed/emailed notification that you have won a sweepstakes and need to send money before receiving your prize, it is most likely a scam. Unfortunately, these scammers are thieves who have been using our name and logo, even copying our website in order to appear legitimate.

You can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission online at or by calling them at 1-877-382-4357.
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Instant-Win Games

We’ve made serious business out of fun and games.

Here's a fact: people love instant-win games. The same can be said about winning prizes. Put them together and you've got an unbeatable combination. Games increase interest in your promotion, and along with interest, likelihood that users will share their experience with others, leading to increased traffic and entrants.

Sweepstake Instant Win Games
  • Customized Instant-Win Sweepstakes
    & Games
  • Turn-Key Instant-Win Games for
    Facebook & Mobile
  • Fantasy Leagues
  • Spin-to-Win
  • Match & Win
  • Scratch & Win
  • Many more possible

Facebook & Mobile Modules

They’re the quick, easy way to build your Facebook fan base. Capture new leads. Drive sales. US Sweeps’ template-based Sweepstakes and Instant-Win Game modules for Facebook and Mobile users are can be up and running in 1 week. And are extremely cost-effective. Built for success in today’s increasingly fast-paced world.

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Facebook & Mobile Modules

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